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    All of our sewing Merchandise is new, Some of the items are specialty products used in the uniform manufacturing business. All the Merchandise is priced at 50% or more off what the sewing factories ordinally paid for the goods. On most items you will save from 50% to 75% off todays prices. 

    All sewing Merchandise is shipped weekly, allow two to three weeks for delivery.Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery!

    We are surplus dealers and sell only the items we have listed. Quantities are limited to the items on hand and are not reorder-able, once quantities are sold out. Merchandise is sold with no warranty express or implied. The Merchandise is not warranted as to fitness for any purpose.


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Note: We have over $300,000.00 of sewing inventory that is being added to our surplus site. The merchandise will be sold for 1/2 of the original selling price or less. General categories are listed below, we will add the items as soon as time permits.

Fringe / Sequin Trim


 Tasseled Fringe

Sequined Stretch Trim 

Sewing Braids & Trims

Assorted Braids Two Colors Gold & Green Braid
Wide Trim / Braid / Solid White & Red Braid
 Orange & other Colors Braid White & Another Color Braid
 Med. Trims Solid 3/8" to 1/2" White & Maroon Braid
 Blue & Gold Braid & Others Silver & Another Color Braid
 Red & Blue Braid  Blue & White Braid  Red & Black & White Braid
 White & Gold Braid  Green & White Braid  Gold & Red or Maroon Braid
 Purple & White Braid & More  Solids Trims 3/8" to 5/16"  Black & White Braid
 Red & White Braid  Red & Another Color Braid  Green & Another Color Braid
 Solid Trims 1/2" & 3/8"  Gold & Black  1/8" to 3/16" Braids/ Trims
 Maroon & Silver  Purple & Gold  Blues & Assorted
 Gold and White Braid  Red & Black  Gold & Blue Braid
 Black & Orange Braid  Black & Gold  Gold & Silver Metallic Braid
 Gold & Brown  Blue & Gold  Assorted Two Color Braids
 Black & Maroon  Brown & Gold  Assorted Color Hem Braids

Sewing Accessories, Pages 1 , 2 , 3
Elastic Bias
Plastic shoulder inserts Double D-ring
Gilt Buckle Web Belts
Belt loop fusing Curtain for belt area of pants
Webbing  Buckrum
Belt loop fusing Seat belt webbing Spats
Pipping Belt plastic
More Black Elastic Ebroidery backing  

Chrome Plastic
Nickel Enameled
Lined Eagle
Virginia state seal Dome
Ball U.S. Air force
New York state New Jersey Michigan state
Ohio state New York city LA police
Columbus Ohio FD nickel U of Georgia
"P" nickel  Grained livery Hammered ball
Virginia seal Minnesota seal Portland police
Balloon gilt  


Tubular braid Cord braid
Two color Three color
Comb Solid colors
Metallic Cord-edge

Fabric Selections 4, 5, 6
Polyester 55% Dac-45% Wool
Super-stretch Wool
Antron Canvas
Sommair Coat Lining
Plaid Vinyl

Fancy Fabric Selections 1, 2, 3
Holographic Coated Polypro
Satin Fabric Sequins
Fish Scale Illusionary
Stretch Felt Adhesive Back
Milliken Lining Felt Under Collar
Tubular - Stretch Felt Glue Back

Snap covers Eyelets
Steel stud plates Gold chain
Clip Gilt-dog latch Eyes
Breast plates Hooks
Snaps Nickel chain
Socket & stud Military eyes & hooks Belt loops gilt
Belt hooks Studs & snaps Spring hooks
Caps / covers / bases / post    

Canvas baked zipper Open end zipper
Black nylon separating Double slider
Aluminum closed end Brass closed end
Brass separating Aluminum separating
Nylon closed end

Gimmp Sewing thread
Nylon Wildcat plus

Band Uniform Items
Band hats Band Suspenders
Decorative emblems for hats or breast plates Spats

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 Terms: Payment is by check or credit card (credit card receipts are in our Co. DBA Name "The Backyard Store").
Items that are shipped are insured for damages and freight claims should be made against the freight carrier. DO Not refuse a shipment, accept it, with damage notations made on the freight bill and get the driver to sign it, you then file a claim with the freight carrier for the damaged items cost plus the shipping cost. We can and will assist you with freight claims in the remote possibility that claims become necessary.

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